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Sod Preparation



How to should you prepare for my new sod and a beautiful lawn?  It's all
about taking the effort to get your soil ready.  Purchasing mature sod with a good
root development and a cut thick enough to maintain moisture content will be
beneficial in early care.

We have installed lawns for over 25 years. We have seen sod from most local farms
and n
o growers can beet our sod quality at any price. See current sod pricing for
; You will see our pricing is very reasonable with great sod values.

We occasionally use the local
CSU extension for lawn and garden questions and
reliable information.  As a matter of practice soil prep is a bit of an art.  A good ratio
of clay, sand and organic material plus the proper soil acidity or PH is important for
maintaining a healthy lawn.  We preform a soil test and irrigation analysis on
average yards for $80.

General Sod and Soil Prep
Established rough grade to the yard.
Spread 3 to 6 yards of compost per 1,000 square feet of yard.
Use a roto-tiller or teeth on a skid loader to turn in the compost.
  Roto-till or rip area up to 6" deep (be careful of irrigation lines)
Compact soil with a sod roller or your Skid loader.
On new yards you can now install the irrigation if desired.
The ground is now ready to be fine graded.
Proper soil prep will save you as much as 50% water use.

The Deeper you can turn the soil will determine the maximum amount of compost
you can use.  Have us perform a soil and irrigation test we let you know how much
compost to order.

     Sod Cost Estimator

 Have questions 303.456.8175 we'd love to hear from you.

roll of sod
a handfull our rich top soil
For a even grade let your fine grade
work settle before installing sod. This
can take weeks naturally but some
moisture will speed up the process.

Rainwater or snow if possible but your
hose or sprinkler system will work too.
Sprikler system to settle ground
Sod for Installation
Sod grown  for Colorado
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